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Threadless Hurricane Relief Effort... - Hurricane Katrina

About Threadless Hurricane Relief Effort...

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Hey everyone,

This is a good way for those with less money to donate to the hurricane relief. Threadless.com is an ongoing t-shirt design contest where people contribute designs and vote on the designs of others (the most popular are made into t-shirts and are sold through the website).

Well, the wonderful people behind Threadless have designed a special t-shirt specifically for Katrina. It sends the message out there and costs $10. The big deal behind this is that for every $10 t-shirt sold, Threadless will donate $20 to the relief fund! Double what you've paid for the shirt!

Threadless.com Product - Regrowth: Katrina

The link above takes you straight to the shirt. It comes in girly sizes as well as male ones. Spread the word, people!

By the way, I am NOT trying to spam communities with this. I think the chance for people to double their donation to the fund and getting something for it as well is just a great opportunity for those with less money to donate, but who want to help. If this breaks community rules, please feel free to delete this post. I don't want to rock the boat.
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Date:September 7th, 2005 09:19 pm (UTC)
That's what we're here for. Thanks for the post!
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