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Immagine having a baby or child in the NICU/PICU (neonatal or… - Hurricane Katrina

About Immagine having a baby or child in the NICU/PICU (neonatal or…

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Immagine having a baby or child in the NICU/PICU (neonatal or pediatric intensive care unit). Immagine the stress involved and the not knowing and all the anxiety of the situation. Now combine that with having lost everything due to a massive hurricane that has wiped out your entire way of life. That is exactly what the families of the patients who were in the NICU/PICU are going through right now. The March Of Dimes is accepting small care packages to give to the famlies impacted by this tragedy. The chapters in Alabama, Mississippi, Lousiana, and Texas are distributing them to the famlies of the NICU/PICU patients affected by Katrina who have been transfered to other hospitals. The care packages are not expensive or hard to make. You can basically make it with stuff that is laying around your house. They do not need to be big either because these famlies are in shelters with little room for storage.

Good Ideas To Put In A Care Package (please note that all items should be new or very clean):
-Hand Sanitizer
-Wash Cloths
-water bottles
-small hair brush
-face wipes
-disposible camera
-coloring book & crayons (for siblings)
-notebook and pen for the parents
-prepaid phone card
-disposible razor
-pack of pony tail holders
-stationary pack of 8 paper/envelopes
-socks for the parents
-anything else you could think of that you would want in that situation

Here is the address for shipping care packages:

Also, the March of Dimes is also accepting diapers, formula, baby wipes, baby food, and clean baby clothes at the Louisana, Alabama, Texas, and Mississippi chapters. They will be able to distribute these to the local shelters and hospitals.

Louisiana Chapter
March of Dimes
12015 Justice Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
(225) 295-0655

March of Dimes
Texas Chapter
8131 LBJ Freeway, Suite #115
Dallas, TX 75251-1311
(972) 669-3463

March of Dimes
Houston Division
Address: 3000 Weslayan, #100
Houston, TX, 77027
Phone: (713) 623-2020

March of Dimes
Mississippi Chapter
330 North Mart Plaza, Suite 1
Jackson, MS 39206
(601) 362-8947

March of Dimes
Alabama Chapter
450 Century Park South, Suite 200-B
Birmingham, AL 35226
(205) 824-0103

Phone numbers are included incase you decide to overnight the care packages or other baby items.
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Date:September 14th, 2005 09:44 am (UTC)
What a sweet idea - thanks for posting!
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